Simple Reality – Intro

SR_HomeIntro2This blog is a meditation on the nature of reality and responds to The Three Great Questions: Where am I? Who am I? and Why am I here? It is a tapestry of Oneness in which every thread is interwoven with, interrelated to and interdependent on every other. The Wisdom of the Ages shines from its depth and shimmers across its surface as we once again hear the song of our own heart, the melody that too many of us have long forgotten.

On this blog,  start with Simple Reality: The Essence.

References and notes are available for this essay.  Find a much more in-depth discussion in books by Roy Charles Henry, available in paperback and ebook format.


Science & Philosophy: The Failure of Reason in the Human Community (2015)

Where Am I?   Story/Worldview – The First Great Question  (2012)
Who Am I?   Identity – The Second Great Question  (2013)
Why Am I Here?   Behavior – The Third Great Question  (2014)

Simple Reality: The Key to Serenity and Survival.  (2011)



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