We have all read about miracles in scripture, fairy tales and mythology. Miracles in P-A would be fundamentally different. With consciousness taking primacy in the new paradigm the old categories of miracles are not impressive and maybe even pointless. Miracles to bring a dead person back to life, heal a sick person or make a blind person see are wonderful. But surely, we can’t help but be aware that we would then have an unconscious formerly blind, sick or dead person all of whom are still stuck firmly in the old paradigm with only the form of their suffering changed.

We come to realize that in P-A each human being is capable of working the only miracle necessary which is to wake up and live in the present moment. Once attaining the miracle of awareness, all other problems that might have begged for a miracle are gone. All pairs of opposites, including good and bad, fade like a mirage into nothingness.


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