Out-of-Body Experience

“An out-of-body experience can arise at any time, even in sleep or dreams. It is often triggered by physical calamity or illness, such as an accident or surgery. In the out-of-body experience, there is location, position, and duration. An almost invisible energy body leaves the physical body and travels to a different location in the room or perhaps even at some distance. Sensory awareness accompanies the energy body and stops being associated with the physical body, which is then experienced as being separate. The sense of ‘I’ is also associated with the energy body and not the physical body. Eventually, there is a returning of the energy body to the physical body and life resumes as before. This adventure is recallable and often related to other people. The calibrated level of consciousness of the individual does not change significantly. The personality does not change; however, there may be a dawning that the ‘I’ is not just a physical body.”


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on this blog and in published books by Roy Charles Henry.

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