The pursuit of phenomena that seem to have a special significance in the process of Self-realization must always be done in a profound context or they will in themselves be used as any unhealthy behavior is used, that is, to support unconsciousness. Some examples of these phenomena are past-life regressions, aromatherapy, healing crystals, laying on of hands healing, UFO’s, miracles of any kind, out-of-body experiences, NDE experiences, and Eastern “austerities” such as laying on a bed of nails, being “buried alive,” or living without food for extended periods, etc. Such distractions can prove to be “phenomenological titillations” that are assuaging the sensation center of the false self or can be used to satisfy the power-seeking ego.

Edgar Cayce gave sage advice regarding all such phenomena. “The Cayce idea of not pursuing phenomena, such as kundalini experiences, for their own sake. He [Cayce] said we must ‘play the flute of the higher self before opening the basket of the kundalini serpent.’”  When we shift to the present moment reality of P-A, we will have no need to open the basket because we will have transcended the need for phenomenological experiences.


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