The Simple Reality Project involves a search for truth, a commodity in short supply in the human community today. Propaganda is material disseminated by the advocates of a doctrine. The truth is not propaganda but it instead involves, distinguishing reality from illusion. The truth is eternal but propaganda is created by unconscious homo sapiens.

The propaganda that exists in Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is as old as P-B and can be seen in the New Testament Book of The Acts. “Acts attempts to edify believers, to strengthen and discipline them in the faith. The whole book is a work of propaganda aimed at the Gentile Christians and Gentiles who have not yet become Christians. Toward that end the title ‘Acts of the Apostles’ doesn’t mean ordinary actions, but grand, heroic, and miraculous deeds.”  The strength, discipline and faith created by religious propaganda may be comforting but it is an illusion.



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