Related Pairs

Humanity needs to engage in a profound dialogue as to the nature of reality. To do so within the old context (P-B) with the old language and with intuition being subordinate to intellect would be a waste of time. What is needed is not an extensive new language but just the addition of a few critically important terms describing a few foundational concepts. At the same time, we can turn within relying upon our intuition supported by the intellect and we can begin the process of shifting to the present moment (P-A). To that end we offer those important terms and a description of the meaning of each in relation to each other and in relation to paradigms A and B. Remember, “related pairs” are not the same thing as “pairs of opposites.”

It has not yet been proven nor disproved that intellectual knowledge—as opposed to experiential knowledge—is helpful to attaining awareness or, in other words, to attaining the shift to P-A. This leads us to the conclusion that it is best to assume that we can prepare ourselves for the shift by understanding the distinction between paradigms B and A as profoundly as possible. One effective way to do so is to study the differences between the following related pairs as aspects of reality and illusion or as aspects of the Absolute and the relative.

The only exception among the pairs is the trio of related concepts related to process, namely, transcendence, transformation and translation which are listed under transcendence. The three primary related pairs, without which, Simple Reality cannot be understood, can be recalled with this memory device pronounced like the word “fear.” “Feiirr” helps recall feeling and emotion, intuition and intellect, and response and reaction. Memorize these terms and learn the distinction between each pair and that understanding will facilitate your paradigm shift.

The distinction between the following related pairs helps define Simple Reality or what the Buddha called “right view” and thereby aids in the shift from P-B to P-A.  The pairs are listed below alphabetically which is how they can be located in this encyclopedia.

Absolute and Relative
Abundance and Limitation
Clarity and Confusion
Cooperation and Competition
Detachment and Dis-identification
Engagement and Pacifism
Esoteric and Exoteric
Feeling and Emotion
Field and Form
Good and Bad
Heaven and Hell
Inclusion and Exclusion
Integration and Disintegration
Introversion and Extroversion
Intuition and Intellect
Justice and Karma
Masculine and Feminine
Realism and Romance
Reality and Illusion
Response and Reaction


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Also find a much more in-depth discussion of Simple Reality
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