Saints and Sinners

Saints and sinners have never existed except in a P-B dictionary. “A person officially recognized, especially by canonization, as being entitled to public veneration and capable of interceding for people on earth.” Interceding from where and when? In heaven, of course, which is a non-existent place where non-existent saints can intervene for you because you are a sinner. We need to get this all straightened out.

The dictionary defines a sinner as one who has “transgressed a religious or moral law, especially when deliberate.” Deliberate sinning would have to imply that the sinner was conscious of what he/she was doing. Since virtually no one possesses awareness of what reality (P-A) is then we can have no bona fide sinners. Those that do live in the present moment know that so-called sin is only an unconscious reaction to a stimulus involving craving and/or aversion. Or to express it another way we are seeking security, sensation and power in P-B and behaving more like mesmerized rather than self-aware human beings.

Those of us that awaken into the present moment become the observers of those hypnotized by their own unconscious identities powerless to prevent their own lemming-like self-destruction. Driven by instinct and illusion more than reason or compassion, saint and sinner alike are creatures of the old story, a story which never existed either.


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