The word schism is often used in a context of conflict or disharmony.  Some schisms or “splits” are profound as in the split between homo sapiens and nature, or between religions or sects within religions.  Belief in the other promotes schisms among nearly everyone in the global village based on the illusions of skin color, religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference, to name a few.

Examples of splits are the Hebrews into the tribes of Israel and Judah, Christendom into the Eastern and Western Churches (The Great Schism), the Western Church into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism into Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, etc. denominations. Obviously, schisms are a source of much suffering in the human community.

Schisms in paradigm B characterized by duality can be found throughout the institutions and cultures of the Global Village.

Classicists Romanticists
William James  
“tough-minded” “tender-minded”
Republicans Democrats
independent interdependent
mind emotions
head heart
Theravada Mahayana
Man as an individual Man as involved with others
Man on his own in the universe
(emancipation by self-effort)
Man not alone
(salvation by grace)
Key virtue: wisdom Key virtue: compassion
Religion a full-time job (for monks) Religion relevant for laypersons as well
Ideal: the Arhat (awakened person) Ideal: the Bodhisattva (serves humanity)
Buddha a saint Buddha a savior
Eschews metaphysics Elaborates metaphysics
Eschews ritual Includes ritual
Confines prayer to meditation Includes petitionary prayer
Conservative Liberal


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