The Epic Battle

EpicBattleWe are all on the battlefield every day in the epic struggle between the energy of darkness, the false self and the energy of enlightenment, the True self. The future of humanity, and indeed if it even has a future, depends on which side we choose. As we outline in some detail the nature of our false-self conditioning, perhaps it will help us see more clearly the challenge we are faced with. As in any battle, courage is called for, but not the drunken berserker pseudo-courage of the false self. What is needed is wisdom coupled with a strong intention and a long-term commitment. Are we ready for it?

Mystic Gerald Heard explained how we chose unconsciousness in the first place. “Our life today is based on the belief that life as a whole has no purpose and so we must distract our separate selves as well as we can in as many ways as possible.”

Edward Edinger described the goal of what we have come to call the Point of Power Practice. “The purpose of life is the creation of consciousness. Experiences of inner or outer conflict [reactions] which are accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and life enhancement [responses] are examples of the creation of consciousness [“feeling” in the present moment].”

Addictions are contained in the sensation energy center. The Point of Power Practice is designed to reprogram all reactive conditioning, which Ken Keyes calls emotional programming and this includes all addictions. “It is vital that you fully understand that the growth we are describing lies wholly in reprogramming your automatic emotional programming—it is not necessarily aimed at changing your external actions. You can do anything you prefer as long as you are not addicted. For when you are free of addictions, your actions will be characterized by wisdom and oneness [and we might add—compassion].”

Supporting The Point of Power Practice with meditation adds an additional and powerful energy to the process of awakening. “When your Conscious-awareness watches your own body and mind [and emotions] and all the people and things in the world around you from a deep, calm place inside, you will find that there intuitively wells up within you everything you need to understand. You will have insights that yield exactly what you need to do to flow with the river of life around you.”


References and notes are available for this essay.
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